Month: April 2015

This was me!

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BadcookWhen I was young, I was a terrible cook.  What can you expect? My mom was an even worse cook.  I burnt some things.  Others, I didn’t cook enough.  I knew my husband really loved me when he ate all those awful meals.  I had to say yes when he asked me to marry him.  He was too good to lose.

My love of cooking started on our honeymoon in New Orleans.  Talk about culture shock.  I am from Chicago.  Food there was pretty plain in the 1970s.  New Orleans was a different world.  The aromas were wonderful.  The taste was out of this world.   We wanted to be able to have this when we went home.  The solution was to take a cooking class at the New Orleans school of cooking.  It was one of the best things that my husband and I ever did.  We had a lot of fun in the class.  It was something that we could do together.  We continued to take cooking classes throughout the years.

We have gone from being meat eaters to vegetarians (my husband does occasionally eats fish).  Long story.  I love vegetarian dishes.  The colors and textures.  The variety.  I have had success finding vegetarian recipes to replace the meat dishes that I use to prepare.

Recently, a friend’s vegan stepdaughter came and stayed with them for Easter.  My friend and her husband are meat eaters.  She was at a loss as to what serve her stepdaughter.  She asked for my help.  We came up with a menu for the weekend which included a potato curry and a cassoulet.  Both vegan.  And both things that everyone could enjoy. After that weekend, my friend called me up to tell me it was a great success!  Her stepdaughter came to her and said that no one had ever done anything as nice as this for her.  That she felt really special. 

The whole family liked what we had made. Her stepdaughter asked if I had a blog where she could get recipes from.  This is what is getting me started with a blog.  I will go into more of my thoughts in the future about mainstreaming vegetarian cuisine.  Making it palatable for everyone.