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A Delicious Idea For Sunday Brunch ~ French Toast!

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French Toast

After submitting to the Credit Crunch Munch I started thinking about my mom & dad raising 4 kids.  My parents were by no means comfortably off.   My three brothers ate like they had a hole in their leg.  Nothing seemed to fill them up.  I remember that they could go through a gallon of milk in one day.  My oldest brother would chug down the milk.  So my very frugal mom(Depression kid) had to find a way to make a lot more out of what we had. She focused saving money with food.    One of the tricks that she use to do was to serve breakfast for dinner.  It was mainly things like scrambled eggs and toast.  Or pancakes.  Our big favorite was French Toast!  Keep Reading!

My Week In The Blogosphere!

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Rosemary in my garden.

Another week blogging.  I love it.  Everyday I learn something new.  I make new blog friends.  I just have a blast!  I just want to share some of the new blogs and posts that I like.  I also wanted to repost the recipes from this week.  Just in case you didn’t get a look at them.  I think they are pretty good! Keep Reading!

Kitty Antics!

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We use to have three cats at one time. Samson, Naomi, & Tiger Lily. They were always doing things like this together. This video brought back endless hours of amusement!



My Answer To The Credit Crunch Munch! Poached Peaches!

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Poached Peaches
A unique & intense flavor

I was web surfing and just happened upon a really cool site.  The Food Blog Diary

The Food Blog Diary is the place to find up-to-date foodie challenges, giveaways and competitions.  Not only that, you can find great recipes to try.  Hook up with other bloggers of like mind.  You go on the site and find all kinds of challenges.  They let you know of events going on.  Cool!
The one challenge that really caught my eye was the Credit Crunch Munch.  I just loved that name.  And the idea is to blog about any money saving idea or recipe.  I have a lot of them. 

Keep Reading

Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” in ASL(sign language)

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Absolutely amazing! 

You can tell that this young lady loves what she is doing.  I don’t sign, but I could catch the feelings just watching her.   The fierceness and just being with her emotions!


Fig, Tomato, & Kale Salad

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Figs & KaleI was never much for kale.  Then one day a few years ago when I was browsing at my neighborhood garden center, I saw that they had kale plants for sale.  A six pack for fifty cents!  Hmm..   I thought “I guess I am not the only person who isn’t a kale fan!”  I couldn’t resist though.  I bought two six packs of kale plants for $1.  I love deals that I get from the garden center.  And they looked like probably wouldn’t make it.   What the heck!  I planted them as soon as I got home.  A week later, the plants were still alive.  Two weeks later, they were flourishing.  I didn’t know what to do.  I thought about how I didn’t really like kale.  Then it dawned on me that I had only had kale once or twice when I growing up.  My mom wasn’t the best of cooks.  Maybe if I tried making it, kale wouldn’t be so bad.  I wasn’t going to let the kale go to waste, so I started searching for recipes with kale.  As I always say, “Google is your friend!”I

One of the first recipes I found was from Laura Theodore “The Jazzy Vegetarian”.  It’s a Fig, Tomato, & Kale Salad.  Wonderful!  I love the sweet with the taste of kale.  Lettuce makes the kale flavor less strong.  I have served it to friends who love this dish.  This recipe helped me start to appreciate kale!  I harvested the kale, along with the tomatoes from the garden.  Try it!  You just might learn to like kale too.

And if you need more reasons to make kale part of your diet, check this out!

Enjoy! Marcey

Watermelon Characters From the pARTy planning blog!

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This week’s catch!

Heidi from  the pARTy planning blog has just shared a great idea for this week’s barbecue.  Watermelon Characters!  They adorable.  Check it out.

 Check out the rest of her blog.  She has some fun posts on it!

I have a Sunday brunch this weekend that I plan on bring the Finding Nemo character.  What a way to wow people!


Today Is Sally Ride Day! She Gets Her Own Google Doodle!

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A Great Big Thanks To Sally!

I am the same generation as Sally Ride, a little younger.  She came at a time when women were just starting to break barriers that had been put up to keep us out.  As a science geek myself, I appreciate how difficult it had been for her to get where she did.  Back in the good old days, a woman could show an interest in science and teach it.  It was pretty difficult for us to go beyond that.

Sally was one of many women pioneers that led the way forward for the rest of us.  We still have work to do.  We might be able to get into fields that were closed to us before.  There is still the issue of moving up the ladder.  Equal pay.  We will get there.

Some more on Sally Ride!


Trivia Questions For Memorial Day!

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In Support Of Our Troops

Some items of interest for this day.


The First Memorial “Decoration” Day~~A Bit Of History You Don’t Know

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Memorial Day
The 1st Memorial Day observance took place in Charleston, N.C.

I saw this in The Guardian:  

Who held the first Memorial Day celebration?

African Americans have fought and died for America from its earliest days, from frontier skirmishes to the French and Indian Wars to the fall of Crispus Attucks at the Boston Massacre, immortalized as “the first to die for American freedom”. And though most official histories of Memorial Day credit with its founding a white former Union Army major general, whose 1868 call for a Decoration Day was reputedly inspired by local celebrations begun as early as 1866, the first people who used ritual to honor this country’s war dead were the formerly enslaved black community of Charleston, South Carolina in May 1865 – with a tribute to the fallen dead and to the gift of freedom.

There are some good links here.