The Quirkiest City!

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When all our friends were going to Hawaii for their honeymoons,  we just had to buck the trend and go to New Orleans.  When I was a young girl, I read the book “Skye Cameron”  It was about a young woman who lived in New Orleans in the 1800s.  The book gave New Orleans this wild west kind of flavor.  I read about the diversity of it’s people.  About Creoles and Cajuns.  Voodoo.  It seemed so foreign and mysterious.  What was really cool is that I didn’t even have to leave the country to experience this.  My honeymoon was the perfect opportunity to go there.  I wasn’t disappointed.

We only got back there once in the past 30 years.  However, my niece, who lives right outside of New Orleans, got married last Saturday.  Needless to say we jumped at the chance to go to the wedding(we would have gone anyway. LOL)  It did give us a chance to visit for a few hours.  Here are a couple photos:

At the Cafe Du Monde
Of course we had to have beingets and cafe au lait!
Party Dog?
Do you think he overdid the beignets or had something stronger

And the title for this post is from an article naming New Orleans the quirkiest city.  Click the link!



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