The Mellow Mushroom~~A Bit of Vegetarian Heaven In A Cajun World

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The Mellow Mushroom in Lafayette LA.  A little bit of vegetarian heaven
The Mellow Mushroom in Lafayette LA. A little bit of vegetarian heaven

All my fellow vegetarians will tell you how hard it is to find dishes especially prepared for vegetarians at everyday restaurants.  I have resigned myself to eating a lot of salads and pasta dishes when I travel.  Usually after I ask that they leave off the chicken and seafood.  So I didn’t expect much on our trip to New Orleans. We decided to stopped at the Mellow Mushroom in Lafayette.  We decided to go there, because of the name.  It reminded us of the the Mellow Yellow Pizzaria we use to eat  in Hyde Park, Chicago.  The Mellow Mushroom has a dish called the Maui Maui.  That was a phrase that was part of the hippie culture of the 70s.  That sealed the deal.  We were going there, even if all I just got a salad! Imagine my surprise when we got there and found a cornucopia of vegetarian dishes.  Here is the menu: What we had:

The Capri
The Capri         Mozzarella, Basil, and Tomatoes
The House Calzone
The House Calzone
Spinach, mushrooms, Roma tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.
 Righteous Portobello Reuben
Righteous Portobello Reuben Need I say more?

We later found out that the first restaurant was opened in 1974.  There are locations all over.  I am going to check for them before we go on our next trip! Marcey

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