Laliguras~~A Bright & Exotic Delight In D.C.

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What first saw when we came in!

My husband love to travel.  We enjoy going to faraway places.  We love to visit places in the U.S.  This year Jim, my husband got to choose where we went.  He wanted to go to Washington D.C.!  For him, it was only the second time he had been there.  The first time was when he was 12.  For me, my dad loved D.C.!  Almost every summer, dad would pack us up and take us to D.C.  He loved it!  I was 3 years old the very first time I step onto D.C land, so to speak!  Neither of us felt like we really got to enjoy D.C. as children.  As adults, we knew that we were going to love it.

One of the things that my husband and I love to do when we travel is to tryout new cuisines.  Then when we get home, we try and replicate the recipes we really like.  D.C. is the perfect place to go for that.  We found a lot of new dishes.  The very first evening in D.C., we stumbled upon Laliguras.  It was bright and welcoming.  The aroma coming from the restaurant was heavenly.  We went in.

Matar with mushroom & Peas
Dee & Marcey’s Matar

The name WAS the restaurant.   Laliguras are the bright red, vibrant flowers of the plant Rhododenron arboreum, which colors the hills in the spring color of bright red in Nepal.  The owner wanted  to make sure that like the flowers that give distinct aroma to the hills in the spring; his restaurant can give the epicurean residents of the greater DC area a flavor that is exotic, authentic as well as delicious.  He did it!

One of the dishes that we had was Matar.  A delicious curry from Northern India.  My friend Dee(who loves curry) and I found a recipe.  We made it for dinner.  The Matar tasted exactly as I remember it.  Our husbands gave it a a thumbs up.

Try it.  I think you will like it!



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