Ball High School Students Kick It Up Have Some Fun!

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I have been sitting on this video for a while.  Seeing as how this is graduation week for Ball High(Galveston Island), this is a good time to post.  A friend of mine sent me this video, a lip-dub put together by the students of Galveston Island’s  Ball High.  The video is the brainchild of Principal Joseph Pillar and Audio/Visual teacher Michael Dudas(a very talented friend).   I like to think of Mike as Galveston’s own Mr. Chips!  Kids love him.  Parents love him.  Heck!  Everyone likes him!   He has only been at the school for a short time, but he has made an indelible imprint on everyone.

Mr. Pillar, Mike, and the kids got together to create a video to highlight everything wonderful about Ball High.  Trust me, there’s a lot!  So often, all you hear are complaints.  A list of what is not good enough.  Ball High might have some issues, but we have a lot of good going on there.  We have one of the highest number of AP students in the State of Texas.  We sponsor robotics.  We have several programs that kids can get involved in and earn college credit before they graduate.  And these are not AP classes.

So what they did involved the whole school, kids and physical plant.  It started on the beach, then they went down the streets to arrive at the school(they passed my house on the way).  The next 11 minutes are full of talented kids lip-syncing and having a lot of fun, while they show off their school.  It was kind of weird to see all these people I know in a video.    Great Job Everyone!

By the way, the guy sweeping up at the end IS Mike Dudas.  LOL!



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