My Week In The Blogosphere!

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frugalityIt seems that every week in the blogosphere I stumble onto a different topic.   Find new friends.  Have cool things happen to me!  I love it! The topic of the week was saving money. 

Two really cools blogs I found:

How to $tuff Your Pig!  I got caught up with her article on pocket change.

Next is Because I’m Cheap.  Here you can find out how not to pay retail.  With your savings, you can tackle you debt!

I am a cat person!  I love them and anything to do with them.  As a cat owner, I have never figured out The Pye.  Check out Katzenworld!  I really can relate to many of their posts. Carlitos in Onesies                                                                              

The Quiet Baker is so awesome.   Her post last week on the baby girl oneies reminded me of my little boy.  I had to share this picture of him in his little onie.  He was soooo… cute!  This brought back some wonderful memories.  Thanks so much!  

Some posts from Blogs that I have been following:

From How To $tuff Your Pig.  How to tackle debt.  This is a big big problem in this country.  She helps put you on the right track. loved this post.

My husband is a cyclist.  He hasn’t had much time to ride in the past year. His goal is to get back in the saddle so to speak. I think this will help him move forward!

Today is D-Day.  Pacific Paratrooper has a great post on it.  Check it out!  This was something my parents talked about a lot!

More From Bernadette’s Vintage Rose!

Avocado is my favorite fruit!  Yes it’s a fruit.  Check out this blog for some good recipes.

And theArtinpartyplanning did a great post about Pay it Forward.  I have been thinking about this ever since.  Each morning I have woken up thinking about what I could do!  

Here are this weeks recipes.  All tested in Chez Casey.  And they have the Jim Casey seal of approval!  If you didn’t get a chance to see them, here are the links!

Alexandra’s Mother’s Peasant No Knead Bread

Matar~~Curried Peas With Mushrooms From Laliguras!

French Toast For Sunday Brunch

I will be posting more recipes this upcoming week! 

Thanks for stopping by!


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