From “Crazy Things You Should Be Putting in Your Coffee”

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I have loved coffee since I was a little kid.  In the summer my dad would pack us up and take us camping.  As a treat, he would allow us to drink coffee as a treat.  He would fill up the cup will almost all hot milk and add about an inch of coffee and a lots of sugar.  Drinking it outside while watching the sun come up.  Little critters playing and birds singing.  What wonderful memories. 


I still love coffee.  I will drink it black.  With chocolate in it.  A mocha or latte is wonderful.  In the mornings I still go out on the porch and watch the sun go up, critters play, and listen to the birds.

I saw this article on crazy things you can put in you coffee.  The two most intriguing were the salt and coconut oil.  From this article:


Heard of putting salt on watermelon or cantaloupe? Same idea. The salt actually tricks your mind into thinking you’re drinking something sweet.

Coconut Oil

Becoming increasingly more popular, coconut oil is healthy and can give your coffee a tropical twist. We recommending blending it rather than simply stirring it in your coffee just to be sure of the right texture. 

Friends of mine swear that coconut oil helps with memory.  It is considered one of the super foods right now.  Follow the link.

I don’t know about the coconut oil, but there are other things from the article that I might just try!






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