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Ashton Villa is where the proclamation was read.

Galveston Island had  our very own special holiday over the past week!  It’s called Juneteenth.  It was a big deal this year as it was the 150th anniversary of Juneteenth.  We celebrated it here in a big way!  There was a Ms Juneteenth Pageant.  We had our annual Al Edwards Banquet.  This was a fundraiser for education.  I went to the Juneteenth Gala on Thursday.  It was honoring several people who has made the day one that is celebrated on a national level.  Through this all, we spent time registering people to vote and educating them as to the importance of voting.  I am posting the link to the blog post that I did a week ago.  If you didn’t get to read it then, it will help you understand what Juneteenth is!

Here is this week’s blogs that I am following and really like!

The Chatterbox Chick is funny.  She is totally irreverent, and pretty thought provoking.  Plus I like her pic of TBBT!

I just had to follow My Little Rock when I saw “organized kitchen”.  I am trying to learn that one.  Then I glanced at some of her recipes.  Some I can already eat as a vegetarian and some like Dr Pepper Pulled Pork and Chorizo & Cheese Quesadillas that I can make vegetarian.  Yes you can make vegetarian pulled pork!  And I live in Texas where Dr. Pepper is the state drink!

Trkingmomoe has some great recipes.  And they actually grow their own pineapples!

And my posts of the week are:

From Greenmindvegheart

From FreshBeetz

Fried Banana Bread!

My Picture of the Week!  It looks so good, I want to eat it!

And I just had to share this poem.  Denise just got back from D.C. with a side trip to Arlington Cemetery.  I was there in April.  She expressed so beautifully what I felt.

Here are this weeks recipes.  All are being tested in Chez Casey.  And they have the Jim Casey seal of approval!  If you didn’t get a chance to see them, here are the links!

Pan-Roasted Corn, Goat Cheese, and Arugula Salad

A refreshing summer salad

Jim’s Enchilada Suisse

Enchilada Suisse

Fast & Easy Coffee Cake!

Fast & Easy Coffee Cake

I will be posting more recipes this upcoming week!

Thanks for stopping by!


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