Oh Those Hot Dog Days Of Summer~~~What To Do To Weather The Heat!

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AtthebeachToday at lunch, my friends and I started talking about how brutal the weather has been.  I live in Texas and I am sure that everyone has been watching all of the bad weather going on around here.  Especially the flooding in Houston.  We are not the only part of the state with that problem.  We have friends who live in the hill country that are dealing with the effects of flooding right now. We are going to have to deal with another weather issue.  Heat.  The end of June to the beginning of September is a really hot time in Texas.  I am not sure that any part of our state escapes it.  We are not the only people who will be needing to be careful about overheating.  Did you know that the planet just had the hottest May on record?  Well I think that this is going to be an issue all over this year.  I want to be prepared and so I went to Google and found some good information: From webmd, you can find out how to survive this summer.  One of the important things is to prevent heat stroke. 


Some of the signs of heat stroke include:

  • Red, hot, dry skin

  • Rapid pulse

  • Throbbing headache

  • Confusion

  • Dizziness


And here are some  simple tips to prevent sun and heat-related illness.

1. Hydrate: Drink water. Stay fully hydrated by drinking water with other caffeine-free liquids. When you drink liquids with salts, sugar and minerals, you replace what you sweat out. Alternate drinking water with sports drinks and juices. 2. Stay Protected from the Sun: Play in the water, but remember to reapply sunscreen frequently. Playing in water, whether in the ocean or the pool, helps prevent overheating. But even water resistant sunscreen will wash off eventually, so reapply frequently and after leaving the water.  For more, here is the link


So take your family out.  Have fun.  Play!  By following a few simple things, you can be safe!



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