Marriage Equality Is Now The Law Of The Land

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Texas can’t even turn back the clock!

Marriage EqualityI have many friends who are LGBT.  I am so glad that as of today, they have as much a right to be with the one they love as I do with my husband JIm.  It’s about time that compassion, commonsense, and the law won! 



A little bit of what is happening in Texas!

Embedded image permalink



Kids are celebrating!



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First Couple in Midland County to get a license!



Embedded image permalink



The First Couple is El Paso!



Embedded image permalink



This is Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez, an open lesbian, who came to see this.  I remember when she was first elected.  People didn’t think she could!


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And Best Yet!


I love this couple!  They have been together for 55 years.  They are the first couple in Dallas County!



Embedded image permalink

Counties issuing licenses:

Bexar √

Dallas √

El Paso √

Hidalgo √

Midland √

Tarrant √

Travis √

McLennan √

Harris as of 3 p.m.√

All I can say is

“God Bless America”

Lets Celebrate!


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