Recipe – Rice Krispies S’more Pinwheels

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Recipe – Rice Krispies S’more Pinwheels.

I hope you all had a great  4th of July!  And a safe one!  I was surfing the blogosphere and came across this recipe on You-Knee-Kiss.  I love S’mores and I have friends who love Rice Krispie treats!  I thought this would be great for one of our lunches.  I asked Rachel if I could steal the recipe.  She said go for it! 

And a useful blurb from Rachel’s post!

First off, make your traditional rice krispie treats.  The recipe says to make them in the microwave, but I always do mine on the stovetop.  My grandma always said they tasted better that way,  and I’m not about to question Grandma and her superior knowledge of baking.  The recipe also says to grease the wax paper.  This part I did follow, but tried to shortcut it by using spray.  I would suggest actually buttering the wax paper.



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