20 Ways To Become A Vegetarian ~ The Zen Way!

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Going VegetarianAs vegetarianism becomes more popular, I get a lot of questions on how to do it.  I have been doing this for awhile, so I am considered the expert amongst my friends. Not really!  Even though I have been a vegetarian for 14 years, I am still learning.  So as they say ‘Google is your friend.  I found a really good article that gives you reasons to become a vegetarian.  Then they round it out with 20 Ways To Become A Vegetarian, The Easy Way!  I have compiled a digest of the tips. 

20 Tips for Becoming a Vegetarian

http://zenhabits.net/how-to-become-a-vegetarian-the-easy-way/ So, if you’d like to become a vegetarian, without too much trouble, here are suggestions I found:

  1. Have good reasons.  Any lifestyle change or habit change requires a little bit of motivation. You need to first think about why you want to become vegetarian, and really believe in it.
  2. Research it first. . Get books from the library.  Got to vegetariantimes.com The have meals for both vegetarians and vegans.  The recipes are delicious!
  3. Find good recipes. There are so many choices out there.  This isn’t the day of Diet for a small planet.  More and more people are interested in going veg.  Remember, if you need ideas, “Google is your friend!’
  4. Try one recipe a week.You will eventually build up a go to list of recipes you love.  If you don’t love the recipe, don’t keep it!
  5. Substitutions. Try your regular recipes that you love, with a meatless substitute. Go here for a starter list of substitutions.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_meat_substitutes
  6. Start with red meat. Do a gradual transition into vegetarianism.
  7. Then the other meats. After a couple of weeks of going without red meat, try cutting out pork for a couple of weeks. Then  chicken, then seafood.
  8. Consider dairy & eggs. Vegetarians vary widely on this, so there’s no mandate to give up dairy or eggs if you’re giving up meat.  I love my cheese and could never give that up.
  9. Have a perpetual pantry.  Think about what staples you need and have them at hand at all times. My husband and I always put on the shopping whatever we open up that day.  We never run out!
  10. Go vegetarian all at once.  It might be easier.  You won’t have the temptation to go back to your old way of eating.
  11. Don’t worry about getting adequate protein. One myth about vegetarianism is that you don’t get enough protein. Eat a varied diet (not just junk food, for example) that includes vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, soy protein and the like, you will be fine.
  12. Junk food if there is nothing else.
  13. Try Ethnic food. It’s one way to make it a great adventure!  Vegetarian dishes can be found all over the world, from Italian pasta to many Indian dishes to spicy Thai food to Chinese, Ethiopian, Moroccan, Mexican, South American and more.
  14. Tell friends & family. If you’re really going to become a vegetarian, you’ll have to talk to the people you know and love about it.  Most time, they will be helpful and supportive of you!
  15. Have fun. Don’t make it too restrictive.  You will stay on the diet better!
  16. Plan ahead when you are going to parties or out to dinner.
  17. Cook ahead or freeze leftovers so you have something on hand for a quick vegetarian meal.
  18. Vegetarian snacks like hummus, almonds, etc.
  19. You Can Look For Vegetarian restaurants.  However, most restaurants will work with you to make their menu work for you.  I actually got a Seafood Restaurant that I frequent to add a Basil Tomato Bisque to their menu.  Their regular customers LOVED it!  They have made other changes for vegetarians.
  20. Use Vegetarian convenience foods.




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