Thursday Tips: Food Prep Is Sensory Play

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I loved this post!  Cooking is about more than getting dinner on the table! It helps us learning about our world, ourselves, and the people we are with. dea.  My husband and I always spend time together on cooking.  And with traveling we always tried to learn about the cuisine of the area.  It enriched our experiences.

When our son could, we intentionally got him involved.  Usually my son’s job was to direct us.  He also would help with preparing the veggies.  Or peeling shrimp.  The problem is that half of that food would end up in his mouth and the cats would get some of it too!

My son loved this part of our day.  And he felt important.  That he mattered.  And he learned that he could make a contribution to our family.

That was a wonderful time for us.  If you have children, get them involved!  Thanks for this post!


Thursday Tips: Food Prep Is Sensory Play.


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