4 Ways To Use All Those Fennell Seeds You Don’t Know What To Do With!

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Fennell seed

I have a ton of Fennel in my yard.  Front and back.  I started with one plant about 6 years ago.  Now I have 40!.  It self seeds and spreads really easily.  So I am always looking for ways to use fennel.  In the spring, the bulbs are wonderful in salads.  I have made a bruschetta of caramelized onion and fennel.  My husband uses it on pizza sometime.  In early summer, the fennel has lacy yellow flowers.  Honey bees love it for the nectar.  I will pick it and put in a vase.  Looks really lovely.  Right now the flowers are gone.  The seeds are coming.  I do use them for my vegan sausage.  As I said though, I have a lot of plants, so that means a lot of seeds.  So I went searching for new recipes.  Here are what I found.

Authentic Chai

Chai tea

This is easy and looks delicious.


Spicy Chickpea Stew 

Spicy chickpea stew

So good over rice.


Watermelon with Fennel Salt

Watermelon fennel salt

Fennel tastes kind of like licorice.  This should be interesting.


I also saw that there is an essential oil of fennel.   It’s the “the be kind to yourself” oil.  It was only one in the list of oils to help deal with stress.thought you would enjoy the whole list!

Here are 13  essential oils you can try:

1. Rose: the queen of oils to help with all stress issues

2. Frankincense: relaxing and aromatic

3. Lavender: soothing; builds solidarity and strength

4. Bergamot: calming; relieves mild anxiety

5. Marjoram: provides relief from emotional pain and grief

6. Vetiver: restores a sense of absolute grounding and cools those hot emotions

7. Chamomile: calming, soothing, medicinal

8. Lemon: gentle and refreshing

9. Geranium: cheery; helps to improve downward spiraling moods

10. Cinnamon: its sweetness invites you to love what you do for work

11. Fennel: helps you be kind to yourself

12. Rosewood: allows love flow to the heart center

13. Ylang Ylang: releases anger and frustation

…. and really, any oil that you love!

If you want to find out how to use them, go to:


To make your own essential oils using a crockpot!



Have a relaxing and tasty weekend!



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