Pulled Seitan For Your Labor Day Picnic!

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DSC02220With Labor Day coming, you know that the end of summer is here. School is starting or in some states has already started. In my family, Labor Day was a time to go to the parade(I am from a big union town) and afterwards we had a picnic in the park. We always barbecued.


Being a vegetarian makes it a bit more difficult to be part of the barbecue. Especially in Texas. Barbecues a ubiquitous here. It’s one of our main types of celebration. Usually it’s a barbecued brisket. Sometimes you might have a hot dog day. Never a tofu pup. Or a nice boca burger. I have learned to bring my own barbecue with me. Otherwise, I would be stuck eating pickles and potato salad. I want a little more than that. Wouldn’t you? I have come up with several things. I will bring boca burgers. Tofurky makes a killer Italian sausage. I have a barbecue riblet recipe.


jackfruitToday, I am going to talk about doing ‘pulled seitan’. This is super easy! Takes very few ingredients. I use seitan, but another type is made with jackfruit. Jackfruit is an Asian fruit. I have never tried it, but a friend of mine took a cooking class where they used the jackfruit to make ‘pulled pork’. She loved it and she isn’t eve a vegetarian. I have the recipe and will be trying it in the future. Today, we will use the seitan.






Texas Barbecue Sauce or your favorite sauce







I make my own Seitan and freeze in batches.


Pulled Seitan


You can buy Seitan in the store. West Soy is the one I see the most and it’s pretty good. Just rinse it before you use it.




You need to chop the Seitan.


Pulled Seitan


Then heat it up with the barbecue sauce. I use rolls that my husband makes. They are so good! Split the rolls. Put the Seitan on one half of the roll. Put extra sauce on the other half. Top with thinly sliced onion and a dill pickle. Delicious!







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