61 More Costumes For Halloween

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I am still looking at costumes for Halloween.  I am kind of torn between Flo from Progressive and Lucille Ball.  Decisions, decisions!  You haven’t picked your Halloween costume yet?  Don’t worry!  I found a whole bunch more ideas for you.  Here is a video   If you want  a truly unique costume for your kid, how about an octopus?  Check out the video above.  It is super easy to make and adorable!


This is a hack from my TODAY e-letter.   There are costumes for couples.  Kids.  Even for your dog or kitty.  61 one of them!  Hear are a few of my favorites!


Snow White and the Evil Queen

Except for a beard, he would make a great Snow White.  He has great legs.  Jim would also that I am a perfect Evil Queen!

 Lucy and Ethel

I am a redhead so Lucy would work for me.  The problem?  I have no Ethel!

Flo from Progressive commercials

Flo from Progressive

Flo is great!  What more can I say?

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

My son absolutely loved Mickey Mouse.  He had a Mickey doll that he carried everywhere.  One time he forgot it at the McDonalds.  We had to turn around and find him.  Sweet memories.

“The Wizard of Oz”


These are real triplets.  How precious!

 “Silence of the Lambs”

Mary Van De Walle
I never saw the movie.  Never will, but this is such a clever play on the title.  I love it!


You're the one that I want! Natasha McAdoo’s twins rock some serious ‘50s style as Danny and Sandy from “Grease.”
 John Travolta and Olivia Newton John meet your competition.  You can eat your heart out!

 Wonder Woman

Jennifer Bortz 
Wonder Woman to the rescue!   What a sweet dog.  Just looking at her makes me feel better!


Megan Simpson
And this is in honor of our Pyewacket.  We recently lost her.  She was such a sweet kitty.  As my husband said, there is not better kitty.  We love and miss you Pye!

And if you need more ideas, here are some more costumes for you!




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