Infusing Oil: (MTD 1 of 7)

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infused oil

From Chef Mary Berry!


Infused oil.  What a great idea!  I am always looking for better ways to prepare my food.   My cholesterol started zooming up when I was in my 40s.  Up until then, I had had what I thought was a pretty healthy diet.  Well, my genes caught up with me.  Rats.

Well, I became crazy watching the fat that I was eating.  My husband use to call  me the ‘food police’.  LOL!  Did you know that if you get too strict, you can create some other problems?  Well I found that out.  So I eventually got control of my diet.  I loosened up.
I started to go for a better quality of diet.  And focused on enjoying my meals.  One of the ways to do that was to use more herbs and spices.  By using spices and herbs you can cut back on salt, sugars and fats and still enjoy the delicious flavors.  That’s why I am happy to see this recipe!



Infusing Oil: (MTD 1 of 7)




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