13 and More Thanksgiving Table Ideas!

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Growing up, my mom always made a special effort to lay a nice table on Holidays.  She would get out the good china, crystal, and silver.  The big part of the presentation was always a turkey.  You would have a turkey like this smack in the middle of the table.  Our very special centerpiece. 




It would sit there until dad brought in the real deal.




However, now that we are vegetarians, turkeys really don’t fit into our celebration.  Though I have been known to make a mean Tofurky!  I still get out the china, crystal, and silver(my mom’s and my mom-in-law’s).  These days, I look for a simpler, more elegant style.  Primarily from items I already have.  My favorite are simple candles.  I did go and look for some new ideas though.


I found this wonderful lifestyle blog called Nell Hill’s.  I loved the simplicity of her ideas.  Her blog is really cool! 


Check out her simple tricks to a lovely table!


Trick 4: Opt for a simple centerpiece that looks dramatic.


11-9 TG 4


Here’s my formula for a centerpiece that looks sensational, but takes seconds to pull together: line stuff up down the center of your table. It could be a row of pumpkins, like I did here on my outdoor table at my lake cottage. Or, put two or three lanterns or hurricanes holding flickering candles down the table’s center, then fill in with fall leaves and berries from your yard. Another one of my done-in-a-flash centerpieces is a big, beautiful bowl holding seasonal treasures. I love to fill blue and white serving bowls, cachepots or English foot baths with a tumble of gourds.


Nell Hill’s



And here are 13 table centerpiece ideas from Good Housekeeping!


Common household items like sauce jars and corkboard get a DIY makeover for this project. Mod Podge mixed with food coloring gives the used jars a sophisticated look while leaves and pinecones add the essence of fall. Get the tutorial at I Don't Know How She Does It! »


More Ideas!



These clever candles will add a pop of color to your Thanksgiving table decor. And after the holiday, they would look great on a coffee table or mantle. Get the tutorial at Domestically Blissful »


I love these apple candle holders.  They give a great pop of color to the table.



I love this article on how to get organized for your Thanksgiving meal.  Hint!  You plan and set up your table before you even start to cook!



Before you begin baking and roasting, remove anything that's not Thanksgiving-related from your dining room. Then decide which Dutch oven, casserole dish, and servers will appear at the feast, and try them out on the table. Stick a note on each platter-and-utensil combo marking its purpose. You'll see what works where, and whether you're short on dishes and servingware. Plus, you'll avoid that last-minute scramble for a slotted spoon. To cut down on cleanup, pick bakeware that's nice enough looking to go from oven to table, or dress up plain pots by wrapping a festive tea towel around the base.



Easy Organizing: Your Thanksgiving Table Settings




And finally, I love nuts!  So when I saw this article on food network, I just had to check it out!




A Cone Of Plenty


Just turn in store bought waffle cones into little cornucopias.  Fill them with nuts and put by the plate. 

Other ideas!



There are other ideas, but the next article was recipes for spice nuts.  What a great idea to serve at parties.  Check them out!




Recipe ideas!



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