Over 30 Fun Kid Craft Ideas For Thanksgiving!

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This weekend looks like it’s going to be one where we are going to cocoon at home.  Rain all day tomorrow.  Temperatures in the 40s to 50s on Sunday.  Pretty cold for my part of the world.  All I feel like doing is sitting in from of the fireplace with a cup of tea. 


I remember days like this up in Illinois.  Except there we were stuck at home, because of a blizzard or an ice storm.  No school for my son.  And I would stay home for the day.  Those were some of the best times ever.  I always had a list of crafts we would work on throughout the day.  We would watch Carlitos’s favorite movies in between.  Does anyone remember vcr’s?  And we would drink hot chocolate all day.


I started to check out some sites to see what is around these days.  Here are some cool ideas I found!


From She Knows you can learn how to make Turkey cups and an I am Thankful Tree.  My favorite is the Thanksgiving Hand Wreath.  This is something my son and I did every Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Thanksgiving Hand Wreath

Use this craft to talk about our hands and how they can be helpful and kind to others.

    Orange, red, yellow and brown construction paper
    Glue stick


 Trace your child’s hand four to six times on each color of paper.

Cut out each hand print.

Alternate colors while gluing the palm of each hand print together,   keeping the fingers pointed toward the outside of the wreath.

Cut a piece of ribbon, tie it in a bow and attach it to the top of the wreath.


4 Easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids


More She Knows Ideas!

And here are 16 more Kid Craft Ideas from Babble!

I love the Pilgrim Village centerpiece.  And there are placemats that has each child’s name on it.  What a special way to make your children feel part of this day!


Pilgrim Village

Here are all Babble ideas!

And if your inner child needs even more  fun here are crafts to make while waiting Turkey Day!

Make Pretend Turkey Drumsticks — These look almost good enough to eat, and they are sure to inspire plenty of imaginative playtime fun!


Craft Up a Magic Leaf Wand — Pretend to magically make the leaves change color.


More Ideas!

And finally, go to Better Homes & Gardens.  They have 15 more great craft ideas!

There are downloadable place mats.  These activity-filled place mats feature a bracket-style vote-off of Thanksgiving favorites. Have the table shout out their favorite for each head-to-head. The winning food advances!


There’s Thanksgiving Bingo.  A talking turkey glove.  Thankful feathers.

Better Homes & Gardens









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    Super ideas 🙂

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    Talk about creativity!! Great post.


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