Plum Cake -Goan Black Cake

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From Goan Imports!


One of the really great things about the holidays is that you are exposed to so many different cuisines.  Each cuisine has it’s special little flavor that it brings to the season.  From Italy you have Buccellato(fig cake).  Black Forest Cake from Germany.  My Romanian friend’s mom use to make a Cozonac.  It was like a Panettone, except filled with cheese.  So good.


And of course the Irish and the Brits had the plum pudding.  Except pudding in the UK isn’t what we think of pudding here.  Their pudding is a super moist cake.  These days, you won’t find plums in it.  There is a whole history of plum pudding(cake).


I hope you try this recipe.  I have already made some of the recipes from the blog, and they are always great!


Plum Cake -Goan Black Cake





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