3 Great Sandwiches For Turkey Leftovers

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Turkey Leftovers
A Turkey Shooter!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday!  It was just Jim and myself, but we had the perfect Thanksgiving for us.  More on that later.


Right now, I was thinking about how everyone is looking at the turkey and wondering what the heck they were going to do with it?  I don’t have that problem.  We had  our Apple Cider Glazed Tofurky last week.  It was good and small enough that it is gone now!  And we are not tired of it.  LOL!


For all of you who made a big turkey and want to know what to do with it, I found some unusual sandwich ideas.  GMA had their resident chef do a segment on turkey sandwiches.  She made Monte Cristos, Curried Turkey sandwich, and Turkey Shooters!  What are Turkey Shooter?  I am glad you asked!


The Thanksgiving shooter sandwich I make the day after Thanksgiving is the greatest leftovers sandwich of all time.

The shooter, which originated in England and gained popularity on Reddit, is a pressed sandwiched with meat and cheese packed into a round loaf of bread. It’s eaten like a pie, and can be enjoyed hot or cold. A shooter can be packed with whatever fillings you want — veggies, meats, condiments, cheese.

Tofurky Shooter

We are going to definitely do the Turkey Shooter using our tofurky deli slices.  I think that would be great!

Go and check them out!  There is a great video.  If you let the video continue, you will get some more great ideas for the holiday!

Good Morning America




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