6 And More Appetizers For Christmas!

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When you start out as a beginner vegetarian, parties are really hard.  Especially, if you are trying to do it in a healthy way.  You don’t know how many times I have gone to a party and there really wasn’t anything that I could eat.  Maybe a salad, but not too often.


People would find out that I was a vegetarian and they would look for something for me to eat.  A lot of times I would get an offer of fried chicken(I am in the South).  Or someone would find some shrimp.  And I would explain that a vegetarian diet didn’t include either of those.  They were shocked.  They thought being vegetarian meant not eating beef or chicken. 


I did learn to start bringing something that I could eat.  Something that I thought everyone would like.  It worked.  So nowadays, I try to find new and different party recipes.  I ran across this Oprah article.  There are a lot of vegetarian appetizers in it.  Yeah!  So I wanted to share the ones that really piqued my interest!  Here you go!



Figs stuffed with gorgonzola and walnuts
                                  Photo: Ben Fink
Figs Stuffed with Gorgonzola and Walnuts
People think fresh figs are elegant—and this preparation definitely is. To be honest, figs are not my favorite fruit, but when I make them this way I really love ’em. They are a quick and easy piccolino. Cut ’em, stuff ’em, and roast ’em until everything melts and gets all toasty—it’s sooooo easy!
Cantaloupe Balls

                                    Photo: Matt and Ted Lee

This Southern appetizer mixes the bright flavors of cantaloupe and mint with a little hit of black pepper.
Orange and Fennel Marinated Olives

                                    Photo: John Kernic

Acclaimed chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten tempers olives’ saltiness with the anise aroma of fennel, the sweetness of orange and a little heat.
Feta dip

                                    Photo: Thinkstock

Rachael Ray blends feta and walnuts to create a creamy dip. Serve with store-bought pita chips and sliced cucumbers.

Crostini with wild mushrooms

                                    Photo: Thinkstock

While the garlic, mushrooms and wine are cooking on the stove, you can bake the slices of cheese-topped bread. Less than 10 minutes later, top the crostini with the mushroom mixture.
Goat Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Crostini

                                        Photo: Colin Erricson

You can make this simple, elegant hors d’oeuvre in the mini bowl of your food processor or a mini chopper—or just mince the sun-dried tomatoes and chives by hand and then mash them in a bowl with the cheese and oil.

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