There Is No Place Like Home For The Holidays!

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Friends and family will tell you that there is very few times that I am at a loss for words.  Well, when I saw what the Slade family was doing this Christmas, I was speechless with wonderment!  They truly embody kindness and generosity.


For the past five years, their video productions have spread holiday cheer to their friends and family. This time, they’re adding a little something extra: a tiny home giveaway.

In their 2015 video Christmas card video, the family comes together to build a tiny home as the song “There’s No Place Like Home For the Holidays” plays in the background. At the end, they announce that they’re giving the home away.


And I am a big fan of tiny homes.  These days, it’s almost impossible to buy a home.  Prices have soared while incomes have stagnated.  Here is what they are offering:


The house, which measures 160 square feet with a 100-square-foot loft space, has a bathroom with a toilet and shower, a kitchen with a sink and refrigerator, and there’s even plumbing for a small washer/dryer combo.

“It’s fully insulated and very comfortable for a tiny living space,” he added.


And I love the fact that they understand that most people don’t want something for nothing.  They are asking for an essay, but they are also asking that people who enter the essay contest give a $20 donation to the charity Water.  They are giving as well as receiving.  What a wonderful feeling.

“We want this home to go to someone who really needs it, so we didn’t want to raffle it off,” he said. That’s why they decided to do an essay contest instead. And the giving doesn’t stop there: Each entry fee requires a $20 donation to charity: water, a nonprofit that provides clean drinking water to people in need. It’s a cause they’ve been supporting for five years now.


  If you know anyone who could benefit from this, please get the information to them  Hurry!  The deadline for entries is Dec. 18, 2015.


Here is the article here!


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One thought on “There Is No Place Like Home For The Holidays!

    jncthedc said:
    December 16, 2015 at 10:42 am

    What an endearing video. This is what the holidays is all about. I wish this feeling could somehow last throughout the rest of the year as well.


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