Pistachio, Cranberry & Chocolate Biscotti (Vegan & Gluten Free!)

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I haven’t been posting as much as normal do to this being the crazy part of the year! I decided to really get into the season this year. I made the resolution that I would say yes to whatever I could! The result? A severe sleep deficit! That the Lord that Christmas is almost here! The day after I am gonna crash!

The upshot has been that I am spending a lot more time with PEOPLE. Normally, I would be with my nose to the grindstone. This year, I have had a blast so far. I think I would rather spend more time with people.

I saw this recipe for biscotti. It looks so lovely. Perfect for my nightly cup of tea. I want to try it when I have more time.


Eat2Health Blog

Serves: 12
Prep: 30 mins
Cooking: 40-45 mins
Tools: Chopping board, food processor, spatula, mixing bowl, baking tray, parchment paper, rolling pin and a sharp knife.


Delicious biscotti! Generally we cannot have coffee shop or store bought varieties because they contain egg and/or milk powder, but these types of trivialities have never stopped us before. Baking without eggs, milk and/or gluten has never been easier!

We’re not in the habit of making these delicious, crispy Italian biscuits very often, but we happened to make our first batch five Christmases ago and fancied some again. We found that they were relativity easy to make, although you do need quite a few ‘tools’ and they will take just over an hour of your time, but it cannot be helped as they are ‘twice baked’. Under baking creates a chewy biscuit, which will occur if you try to cook the dough ‘faster’ at a higher temperature (it won’t work!) or for…

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