11 Quotes to Help Beat Holiday Stress

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From How To Stuff Your Pig!


I am not really saying Bah Humbug!, but I am counting down the days until Christmas gets here.  I said last week that our holiday season had been a mad whirl!  It continues to get crazier each day.


This year, I decided to get out there and enjoy any thing that came my way.  And I have.  Parties.  Coffee with friends that I needed to catch up with.


I also decided that I wanted to spend more time helping others this year.  I have volunteered for a lot of groups.  Mainly ones involving children.  I start my final group today, Blue Santa.  For the next 3 days,  I am going to be wrapping gifts for kids who might not have a Christmas otherwise.  It makes me feel pretty good.


I started thinking about how many gifts that is though.  Overwhelming!  Then I read this post.  Some of the quotes are inspirational.  Others are sooo funny.  I just finished laughing off my head.


If you are feeling overwhelmed, find something that makes you laugh.  A movie?  Heck, read this post and I guarantee you will feel better!


Source: 11 Quotes to Help Beat Holiday Stress




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