Scandinavia: Princess Cake (6/21)

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From The Daily Cupboard!


I shouldn’t be doing this, but I can’t help myself.  I had told myself that after New Years Day, I would be good.  But I saw this photo.  And I saw the name.  “Princess Cake.”


It looks like a challenge.  I have never done marzipan before.  And what is marzipan?  Marzipan is an almond and sugar paste that is used to ice cakes and other pastries or sculpted into a variety of shapes to be eaten as candy or used as cake decorations. I After the ingredients are mixed, the paste reaches a consistency of dough or soft rubber and can be rolled, shaped, cut, or molded.  Sounds like playdoh!  What fun!


Source: Scandinavia: Princess Cake (6/21)




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