Valentine’s Day Ideas and Thoughts on Commercialism

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From How To $tuff Your Pig!

Reading this post got me thinking about how Jim and I have spent Valentine’s Day together.  The worst one was before we got married.  Was the time that he had to be in Detroit for business.  Didn’t get to see him at all that Valentine’s Day.  The best Valentine’s Days have always been the ones where we just did something simple.  Like prepare a meal together.


This year we will be biking all day on Sunday.  Then come home to cook something together.  Two of our favorite things to do.   What are you planning?  Click the link to get some ideas!



Source: Valentine’s Day Ideas and Thoughts on Commercialism





One thought on “Valentine’s Day Ideas and Thoughts on Commercialism

    DeniseBalog said:
    February 9, 2016 at 8:57 pm

    Good post Marcey:) Went and read it all. She was right in so many ways:) I was a florist for 10 years before moving to the south. I can remember sweating it out if snow was predicted! Deliveries, roses in the cold, aaaaahh!! So thankful to be in elementary now:) It will be CRAZY this Friday at school with parties, balloons, and yes, the local florist will make many deliveries. I remember the simple Valentine cards exchanged with other kids in class. My husband is very thoughtful, and he enjoys giving cards, flowers and chocolate:) I couldn’t stop him even if I tried:):):) Flowers was hard for him, once I owned a whole shop full! We will keep it simple. He’ll bring flowers, and I’ll bake my annual, heart shaped icing rolled confection sugar cookies, and we’ll call it LOVE:) Staying at home and enjoying the weekend with fragrance in the air and no place to go but here! Love you posts always:) denise


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