There Are 2 New Starbuck’s Offerings?

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Starbuck’s has come out with 2 new beverage offerings post Valentine’s Day.  However, I have to get something off my chest.  Did you know that they had molten chocolate beverages? 

Molten Chocolate Latte: It’s a combo of chocolate chips that are infused into espresso, and the bittersweet mocha sauce that’s added at the same time as the steamed milk. It comes topped with a mocha drizzle and espresso-infused whipped cream; the espresso in the whip is decaf.

Molten Hot Chocolate: This Hot Chocolate starts with chocolate chips and mocha sauce being melted into steamed milk, kind of like a latte.  It also comes topped with that (decaf) espresso cream and mocha sauce.

Molten Chocolate Frappuccino:  This  to Starbucks’ standard Java Chip Frappuccino, with chocolate chips blended into the milk and ice. What’s different is the addition of coffee and mocha sauce, and chocolate-espresso whip.


Well!  I hadn’t a clue that they were out there.  Don’t they look wonderful?  Don’t they sound wonderful?  This has made me realize that I really do have to get out more.


I found out about them from Today’s review of two new drinks!  The smoked butterscotch latte and a citrus green tea latte.   The review of these drinks aren’t as glowing as for the molten chocolate drinks.


The scent of the citrus green tea latte, made with matcha powder, steamed milk and a citrus-mint syrup, seemed promising at first. As soon as we popped the lid open, the lovely smell of lemons began to waft from the cup, but the citrus started to overwhelm our taste buds just a few sips in.

On the flip side, we wished the smoked butterscotch latte had more of a punch. Like Starbucks’ other specialty coffee drinks, the SBL combines a shot of espresso with steamed milk and flavorings. In this case, the add-ins of smoked butterscotch sauce and finishing sprinkle of butterscotch sugar weren’t, well, butterscotch-y enough.

“It tastes a bit flat and feels like it could’ve been a bit more flavorful. I love butterscotch, but wasn’t a huge fan of this drink,” said one TODAY taste tester.


The drinks are available nationwide right now.  I personally want to try the green tea latte!




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