Homemaid hotdog buns, or… I can bake!

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From “Blood, Fire and the Pillars of Smoke”!


Don’t you love the name of the blog?  Very piratical!  I thought of high seas and swashbucklers!  It’s really a food blog.  LOL!  One that was started with grilling in mind.  Being from Texas, cooking over coals or smoking is a big deal.


What really caught my eye was this recipe for hot dog buns.  Don’t they look wonderful.  Instead of the pasty ones you get in the store, these look toothy.  They look like they can hold a hot dog or sausage with all the trimmings and not fall apart!  A definite must make for me(I love bread making!)


Source: Homemaid hotdog buns, or… I can bake!




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