Baba Ganoush, Hummus and Pita Bread.

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From Passion Cook!

This reminds me of the Good Old Days when Jim and I were dating. We are from Chicago that has 4 blocks of wonderful Greek restaurants. It’s called Greek Town of course!

My office was about 3 blocks from there and many a time I would call Jim and say I am too lazy to make dinner, what about you? He would automatically ask “Greek Town.”

Hummus on pita was my favorite dish. Jim loved Saganaki which they would bring to the table and light. Everyone around us would be yelling Opah! Fun times!


Alina Can Cook

As i have mentioned in my earlier posts, i am vegetarian for a month. The thing that i do once or twice a year. My body is just asking for it, i guess. And i find, that the most difficult in vegetarian diet is to get a proper amounts of proteins, as i am well aware of their impotency.

Generally i am not agreeing with a vegetarian concept, and wouldn’t like to be a permanent vegetarian. Even though i was brought up by vegetarian mother and have been vegetarian for 5 years.

As my “Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology” lecturer once said-” Yesterday i had a potato for dinner, that means i ate my cousin”. We do share a DNA with all plants and they also feel pain, when killed. So what is the solution here? Eat each other?

Anyway, cooking vegetarian dishes is not easy, as i get bored…

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