Scrumptious all-in-one wrap — Nyum nyum Food

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Serves 4-6 Want to prepare a gourmet meal to satisfy your taste buds, but keep it simple? This recipe ticks all three boxes: easy, satisfying and filling! Ingredients: Ingredients may vary depending on your preferences and availability Wholewheat wraps Plain Feta Butternut Onion Cherry Tomatoes Cucumber Basil Leaves Rocket Leaves Kidney Beans Balsamic Vinegar Olive […]

From Nyum nyum Food!

I think that wraps are one of the greatest inventions in recent food history!  Just slap something on them and roll them up.  I love the chewiness of the wraps compared to bread you get in the store.

And this looks absolutely fabulous.  And I know that salty creaminess of the Feta will blend so well with the sweet butternut squash.  What more can you ask?




via Scrumptious all-in-one wrap — Nyum nyum Food


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