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Summer in Vancouver is shaping up to be cool and rainy; I won’t lie, I love this cooler weather and the rainy days. I’ll admit that I do miss eating food in the sunshine, there’s something remiss about eating local strawberries while huddled under a blanket, wearing thick wooly socks. So this Sunday, when we had […]

via Watermelon Gazpacho — musicwithdinner

The other day I read that we had record breaking temperatures across the Midwest in  June.  3 degrees above normal.  It’s already pretty hot in Texas.  I live on Galveston Island and we have been in the upper 80s.  Pretty warm for us too.

So here is another gazpacho recipe.  This time made from watermelon.  And before you go thinking watermelon?  Look at the recipe.  It has serrano peppers as an ingredient.  I am from Texas and we like a little kick in what we eat!  The sweetness of the watermelon along with the heat of the peppers sounds great!




One thought on “Watermelon Gazpacho — musicwithdinner

    Snapshotsincursive said:
    July 9, 2016 at 4:15 pm

    Watermelon is soooo good. I have an entire melon in my refrigerator right now….for only two people! lol 🍉

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