Garden Fresh Pesto Sauce!

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Garden Fresh Peston

My husband and I started talking about making pesto.  It’s about that time.  I looked up this old post from last year that I did.  We don’t have quite as much basil this year.  I have had a lot of things going on!


I love this recipe though.  I roast my garlic which gives the pesto sauce a milder flavor.  The basil really shines through.






This morning when I went into my garden, I realized that it was time to start harvesting my basil.  While it should survive in it’s pot,  with the weather starting to get much hotter, …

Source: Garden Fresh Pesto Sauce!


One thought on “Garden Fresh Pesto Sauce!

    DeniseBalog said:
    July 17, 2016 at 4:37 pm

    Marcey, I remember this recipe! Excellent!! We have tried to purchase a basil plant since spring without success. Mom and I remember her Mom growing freely in a half of bleach container profusely! We determine to do the same, starting our own, for next year! My husband suggest with our warm climate to not wait! After seeing your post, he may be right!!! Blessings friend! Denise


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