Home-Made Ice Tea — The Chef Cat

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From The Chef Cat!

The weather we have had over the past week has not been typical for us at all!  Temperatures of 100 t0 101!  I live on a beautiful island where the weather is pretty moderate.  When the people who live on the mainland have temps of > 105, we are usually a balmy 95 degrees. 

I saw this recipe for ice tea and immediately felt cooler.  I love the idea of making it in a ball.  And lime is so much more refreshing than lemon, don’t you think?  Thanks for this lovely recipe!





Well, did you ever get that feeling, that no matter how much you drink your thirst does not cease? Quite typical in the summer, isn’t it? No wonder when the temperatures breach 35ºC / 95ºF, the body is constantly producing sweat to cool off and thus depletes all the water reservoirs. Sounds like a great […]

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