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What a great idea for this time of year!  Zucchini pancakes.  We are overwhelmed with picking  zucchini from the garden.  Jim is not a big zucchini lover.  As a matter of fact, I have to hide it in zucchini bread or grated in soup. You can only do that so many times.  I do give away my zucchini tp friends and neighbors.  However, there comes a time that they don’t even want it.  And fewer people seem to like it these days.   Why can’t my tomatoes and corn be this prolific?

Why do I grow it then?  Because it was the first thing that I ever grew.  My dad had a BIG garden when we were growing up.  There were six in my family.  This really helped to feed us. 

The zucchini seed was the first seed I could handle when I was so little(about 3).  I watered that plant everyday.  And then one day there were some yellow flowers!  Yeah.  Pretty soon I have my first zucchini.  It was such a wonderful feeling.  So, in celebration, I grow zucchini every year!




Summertime means an abundance of beautiful vegetables and fresh eating. Sometimes, though, you are sick of health and raw meals and you want to deep fry something. Here is your solution: zucchini pancakes. Use the bounty of the earth and fry it up with feta. You know you want to. If you have a mandolin […]

via Zucchini Pancakes or Armenian Kolokithokeftedes — merskitchen


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