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Recipe: Pesto Fillets

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From Molly The Blogger!

Quorn is the best vegetarian product to replicate chicken or veal.  I have used it to make a wonderful piccatta dish.  Pot pie.  I have had friends eat these dishes without knowing that this was Quorn.  They could tell the difference.  The texture is perfect.  And the cutlet will pick up the flavors of other ingredients!

I saw this recipe and the word fillet in the title.  I thought it was for a fish type dish.  We call the Quorn cutlets where I am from.  Fish are fillets.

This looks super simple.  The ingredients are a perfect combination.  A must try!





I’ve had this recipe tucked away for a while now and I feel the world deserves to know about! I’m a vegetarian, and I picked this up from the Quorn cook book, so now I’m going to …

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Red onion, fennel & goat’s cheese flowers — The Inkslinger

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From The Inkslinger!

Goat purses?  I like that.  Whatever you cal this, it looks wonderful.  We have fennel growing wild throughout our yard.  Fennel is one of those plants that once you get it started, it self seeds everywhere.  With a little help from birds that is.

Recently, our community garden have gotten some goats.  Their plan is to start making goat cheese.  The creamy kind, not feta.  The thought of going and buying some cheese from them and then picking the fennel in our yard is so quaint and homey.  Eating the results are the big reward.  Yummm.




This recipe is inspired by a very similar one in which the ingredients are wrapped up completely in filo pastry, which is then twisted at the top to create a little parcel. These were called ‘goat’s purses’, which my boyfriend and I found hilarious, but our version is a little different and so I’ve given it […]

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The Great story behind a Perfect Mauritian Rougaille (Spicy Creole Sauce) — P e a c h y T a l e s

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From Peachy Tales!

I am addicted to traveling to far away places.  Especially places, that seem out of the way.  Places that few people know about!  I saw this post about a spicy salsa, that sounded so yummy.  When I checked out Peachy Tales blog, I found that she was from Mauritius!

I don’t know a lot about the Islands, but as Jim says “Google is your friend!”  It’s in Africa. The Mauritian Culture is incredibly diverse.  The religions are diverse.  And everything is reflected in their cuisine.  I so want to go there now!



Mangiare! Mangiare! ( Eat! Eat! ) Those were the words that my Mama would always be screaming to me back during my childhood days. I still recall how I used to hate eating tomatoes back then may it be when Mama makes piquant salsa, or just plain red sauce. Now there is no greater fan […]

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Home-Made Ice Tea — The Chef Cat

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From The Chef Cat!

The weather we have had over the past week has not been typical for us at all!  Temperatures of 100 t0 101!  I live on a beautiful island where the weather is pretty moderate.  When the people who live on the mainland have temps of > 105, we are usually a balmy 95 degrees. 

I saw this recipe for ice tea and immediately felt cooler.  I love the idea of making it in a ball.  And lime is so much more refreshing than lemon, don’t you think?  Thanks for this lovely recipe!





Well, did you ever get that feeling, that no matter how much you drink your thirst does not cease? Quite typical in the summer, isn’t it? No wonder when the temperatures breach 35ºC / 95ºF, the body is constantly producing sweat to cool off and thus depletes all the water reservoirs. Sounds like a great […]

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The Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich —

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From Fabulous Frugality!

When I was younger, my favorite treat was to get a chocolate shake and potato chips.  I just loved the taste combinations.

I saw this photo and said OMG!  This cookie has all of my favorite foods!  Chocolate.  Ice cream.  Pretzels.  You blend the bitter taste of chocolate with the sweetness of the ice cream and the saltiness of the pretzels and yum!  It took me back to my shake and chip days.  LOL!

Try this.  I think you might just like it.




A different twist on an ice cream sandwich that is easy to make for your next get together! I was watching Chopped on The Food Network and was inspired to see what dessert I could make with the ingredients I had on hand. I used a mix of toffee pretzels, a chocolate bar […]

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Cranberry Nut Muffins Recipe

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About a year ago, I was in this muffin craze.  I was trying all kinds of muffin recipes.  Apple, banana, blueberry.  I even came up with some recipes for muffins that were low fat and low sugar for some of my friends who have diabetes.

I love them all.  They are fast and easy to make.  You can use bananas and apples or anything that is past their best used by date.  They are a winner for everyone!

This cranberry nut is one of my favorites!





Here is a new muffin recipe for you.  I have another cranberry nut muffin recipe, but had wanted to find one that has less sugar.  I found out that some of my friends have to watch that.  I found t…

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Cheesy Mushrooms on Toast — Happy Healthy Tash

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From Happy Healthy Tash!

Is this a great looking sandwich?  I love mushrooms so much that I came up with what I call a veggie melt.  It is something that I make when I have mushrooms that are past their best used by date.  This is pretty similar.





Cheese = good, mushrooms = good… cheesy mushrooms = goooood!😉 This is a simple way of cooking a tasty mushroom dish for a quick bite to eat… perfect for all you busy peeps! So simple it’s not really a recipe but it’s tasty so I’m sharing! Ingredients Slice wholemeal toast Mushrooms – 1 cup Philadelphia […]

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