Let Peace Begin With You

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We all have them in our family.  People who can’t live without drama.  Don’t let them pull you into their frenzy.  Step back and take a deep breath.  You will bring them with you and make their life a little less crazy along with your own!






Being Enough

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I have been dealing with someone lately who seems to think that in order to feel respected, he needs to get expensive gifts. It made me think about this clip from the movie “Cool Runnings.”

John Candy tells Darice that if you are not enough without it, you will never be enough with it.

So many people get caught up in getting awards.  Fancy cars.  Expensive gifts.  It’s almost like a drug.  They are constantly looking for the next fix.

I have been thinking about setting intentions this year.  Not coming up with goals. Instead,  I want to look at how I live my life.  What do I intend to do this yea?  I want  to simplify my life.  Declutter it of things and people that don’t bring me pleasure or peace.

What about you?  What are you doing with this year? 


No Dreamz Too Big!

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Have you ever watched the movie Rudy?  In it, his friend Pete said “that dreams are what makes life bearable.”  What a lovely thought.  And as for Rudy, he was a small guy that had been told he wasn’t college material and there was no way he would ever be part of The Fighting Irish!  He didn’t let that stop him.  I followed his dreams.  And he got them.  If you get a chance, go watch the movie Rudy.  You won’t be sorry!




The Eccentric Habits Of These 10 Geniuses Can Make You Smarter

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The title is The Eccentric Habits Of These 10 Geniuses Can Make You Smarter.  I am not sure these habits will make smarter.  What they will do is help you to work smarter.  And isn’t that what we really what to do?  Here are a couple of my favorites!

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You Can’t Handle The Blogging Truth!

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From yadadarcyyada!


Halloween is such a wonderful celebration.  When we were kids, we would  dress up in outrageous costumes.  Be characters that you loved.  My favorite one was as an Indian princess.  I was the original Pocahontas!  And yelling trick or treat.  Getting all kinds of candy we would never get the rest of the year!  Mmm.

Halloween was also a scary time.  Haunted houses.  Ghosts in cemeteries.  I think it allowed us to work on our fears in a safe way.  This is why I love this essay from yadadarcyyada.  She talks about everyone having different fears.  What scares you might not scare me.  And bloggers really do have different kinds of scary.  She does in such a funny way, that Jim and I couldn’t stop laughing!  Another way to put fear and spooks and goblins in perspective.  Please go and check it out!


You Can’t Handle The Blogging Truth!




My Week In The Blogosphere!

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Thank YouMy Week In The Blogosphere!

I am going into my fourth month of blogging.  This has been a wonderful experience for me.  I am still learning what it takes to blog.  Learning all about taking better photos.  Learning how to write.  Did you know that writing for public consumption is the 3rd biggest fear people have?   It has always been a scary process for me.  The funny part about this?  I am married to a writer.  LOL.  Writing has been getting easier for me everyday.  

What has helped is being part of the blog world.  I don’t know any other group who goes so out of the way to get information on what makes a good blogger.  How things like Google+ works.  All kinds of tips.  And the people who are out here blogging.

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My Week In The Blogosphere! Happy Fourth of July

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Happy Birthday America!

I hope you all have enjoyed this July 4th weekend.  That you got to a parade.  If it’s still early, that you see some good fireworks tonight!  We are lucky enough to have celebrated with friends.  I often think about people who are not so lucky and try to share a holiday with them.  It certainly makes our day better.    I want to thank all the people who have fought and served to make this country great.  And American is indeed great.  I have been many places through out the world, and am always happy to come home.   Keep Reading