Don’t Cry Over Sour Milk! Make Bread Instead!!!

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Sour Milk BreadI went to make oatmeal for breakfast, and found that my milk had soured over night.  Eeek!  I really hate that!   I didn’ t have a lot left.  Only about a cup.  I being the ‘frugal’ person I am, hate to throw anything out.  So I decided not to cry over sour milk.  I dug out my mom’s recipe book!  There was the recipe for sour milk bread. 

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Crusty French Bread—–Getting Ready For Bastille Day!

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French Bread and BrieMy family spent some time in France during the 1980’s.  While we got to know and love many things.  Expresso.  Parks.  Museums.  Bottled water which was big there, before we even knew about it.  We developed a rather acute fondness for French Bread, especially my son.  He was a toddler during that time.  If we went out for any period of time, all I had to do was give him a bottle of water and a petit baguette.  He was a happy camper!   LOL! 

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Wonderful Whole Wheat Pitas

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Eggplant and Tomato HarvestThe tomatoes and eggplants are starting to get ready for harvest.  Every year, the first thing that I make with them is Iman Byaldi.  I’ll be posting the recipe tomorrow.  It’s stuffed eggplant that has baked and is absolutely heavenly.  I always make pita bread to go with this.  Homemade pita is so much better than what you can possibly get at a store.

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My Week In The Blogosphere!

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frugalityIt seems that every week in the blogosphere I stumble onto a different topic.   Find new friends.  Have cool things happen to me!  I love it! The topic of the week was saving money.  Keep Reading!

Alexandra’s Mother’s Peasant No Knead Bread!

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I love bread.  Bread with butter is even better!  So I am always looking for a great recipe to make.  As I have gotten older, I want not just a great recipe, I want something that is quick and easy to make.  A couple of week ago, I did a some no knead rolls that turned out pretty good.  They need some work though and I will repost on that when I get satisfactory results.

But I have a great find!  I stumbled upon Alexandra’s Kitchen!  It’s a great website with some recipes I know I will be trying.  The first one that I just had to try out was a bread, of course!  It was her mother’s ‘no knead peasant bread.”  I loved it.  Toothy with a good crumb.  It didn’t go stale overnight.  My husband like it as well.  Check it out.    Keep Reading!

A Delicious Idea For Sunday Brunch ~ French Toast!

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French Toast

After submitting to the Credit Crunch Munch I started thinking about my mom & dad raising 4 kids.  My parents were by no means comfortably off.   My three brothers ate like they had a hole in their leg.  Nothing seemed to fill them up.  I remember that they could go through a gallon of milk in one day.  My oldest brother would chug down the milk.  So my very frugal mom(Depression kid) had to find a way to make a lot more out of what we had. She focused saving money with food.    One of the tricks that she use to do was to serve breakfast for dinner.  It was mainly things like scrambled eggs and toast.  Or pancakes.  Our big favorite was French Toast!  Keep Reading!

No Knead Bread Rolls

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No Knead RollsYesterday was a crazy day for me.  A couple of meetings.  I promised my husband I would do some errands for him.  I promised myself I would plant the rest of the eggplant plants.  I also wanted to get ready to plant some Jalapeno peppers later this week.  By the time I got done and looked at the clock, it was 4:15.  Time to think about what’s for dinner.  There was a lot of fresh veggies and lettuce.  A salad?  Sounds good.  Is there any bread to go with it?  No bread!  Well, I didn’t feel like kneading bread.  I am not crazy about quick bread with salad.  I thought hmm…  Google is my friend.  So, I googled no knead bread rolls and got a lot of ideas.  However, this one on the Oprah website looked especially good.  It was for 24 rolls, so I cut the recipe in half(there is only my husband and me). It was easy to make and turned out great!  However, I did cook them a bit longer than I should have.  The half of recipe made huge rolls.  I will make this again and cut the recipe in half again so I am only making 6 rolls.  I will let you know how that turns out. If you try the recipe, please let me know what you think! Marcey