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Is this a great looking sandwich?  I love mushrooms so much that I came up with what I call a veggie melt.  It is something that I make when I have mushrooms that are past their best used by date.  This is pretty similar.





Cheese = good, mushrooms = good… cheesy mushrooms = goooood!😉 This is a simple way of cooking a tasty mushroom dish for a quick bite to eat… perfect for all you busy peeps! So simple it’s not really a recipe but it’s tasty so I’m sharing! Ingredients Slice wholemeal toast Mushrooms – 1 cup Philadelphia […]

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Grilled Halloumi Cheese with Cherry Relish — Palate Evolved

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Unfortunately for me, I have a problem with an elevated cholesterol.  I was told to lose the cheeses.  I agree with this blogger!  I’ve never a met a cheese I didn’t like.   One of my favorite snacks was some cheese with a glass of wine.  The thought of never having cheese again was totally depressing.  Talk about magnifying things out of proportion.

As a nurse, I have always taught my patients to do things in moderation.  I realized that I needed to listen to myself.  Now I have cheese as a special.  I look for unique recipes to make.  I feel less deprived.  This looks like a great recipe!  And Halloumi is a cheese I have never had.

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Confession: I’ve never a met a cheese I didn’t like. But it wasn’t until only a year or two ago that I came into contact with my absolute favorite: Halloumi. What is Halloumi cheese? It’s a semi-hard brined cheese made from a mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk, and sometimes cow’s milk. It is salty and […]

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7 More Uses For That Sour Milk You Have!

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Last week, I did a post on what I did with my sour milk.  I made Sour Milk Bread!  I had a pretty good response from that.  I started thinking about how lucky I was, that I only had about a cup of milk go sour.  What happens if you have a whole quart go sour?    You could make a loaf of bread with a cup of sour milk.  What do you do with the rest?  Throw it out?  Well!  I hate waste, so I went looking for some more ideas.  Here is what I found:

First off, please make a note of this information I got from the WikiHow:

Use only milk that has soured under refrigeration or forced by the addition of vinegar or lemon juice. If milk has soured sitting in the sun or near heat, discard it, as that is spoiled milk, not sour milk, and could harbor harmful bacteria.

Here are some uses for sour milk I never knew about! 

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A Father’s Day Omelet

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I have been really lucky to have two men in my life who were great fathers.  One was my dad.  My brother recently sent me some old photos.  I saw this one and realized that this showed what my dad was all about.  He was a kind and gentle.  He felt like he hit the jackpot when he met my mom and the fell in love and got married.   He thought that my mom was the most beautiful and intelligent woman he had ever met.

And he loved us kids.  He was a factory worker, but felt that he was a big success.  He was able to work and support his family.  Got to spend time with us.  We all knew that my dad loved us. 

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