Being Enough

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I have been dealing with someone lately who seems to think that in order to feel respected, he needs to get expensive gifts. It made me think about this clip from the movie “Cool Runnings.”

John Candy tells Darice that if you are not enough without it, you will never be enough with it.

So many people get caught up in getting awards.  Fancy cars.  Expensive gifts.  It’s almost like a drug.  They are constantly looking for the next fix.

I have been thinking about setting intentions this year.  Not coming up with goals. Instead,  I want to look at how I live my life.  What do I intend to do this yea?  I want  to simplify my life.  Declutter it of things and people that don’t bring me pleasure or peace.

What about you?  What are you doing with this year? 


Photos: Ultra-fashionable seniors are proof that style can get better with age — Quartz

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Valerie Von Sobel just had a birthday. In March, the philanthropist and artist noted her new age in an Instagram picture, dressed in second-skin leggings and a white blouse overlaid in a sheer black fabric, perhaps organza. It is not the outfit you’d expect of someone born three-quarters of a century ago, but at 75,…


Hey!  We can get better with age!


They say that more and more people are living longer.  Not only that, but healthier.

I use to say ‘yeah right’.  However they say that a picture is worth a thousand words!

I have a ways to go before I hit 75, but it looks like it can be pretty exciting.





via Photos: Ultra-fashionable seniors are proof that style can get better with age — Quartz

Some Valentine Limericks!

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I hope you all have had a great Valentine’s Day.  That you spent today with someone special.  It could be your husband.  Parents.  Or that special friend that you have known forever.  Who is there for you no matter what.

allthewayJim and I celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday by going to the play “All The Way!”  You have got to go and see it if it comes near you.  It’s about President Lyndon Johnson.  What was so great about it was how it was staged.

Afterwards we went to dinner at Baba Yegas in the Montrose area in Houston.  A wonderful restaurant!  One of the most vegetarian/vegan baba yega frontfriendly restaurants I have been to.  I always find something ON the menu that I can eat.  Last night it was roasted artichokes.  I will be posting on that later.


For today, I want to wrap up Valentine’s Day with some limericks.  I am not much with poetry.  I like the extremely romantic poems.  Then I like limericks.  Limericks are funny.  I like that things actually rhyme.  Limericks are recent inventions in the scheme of things.  It came  from social gatherings where a group sang “Will you come up to Limerick?” after each set of limericks spoken and then the members of the party had to make up their own limericks.

Jim likens limericks to the Japanese Haiku.  Or if you want to compare it to our present day,   rap.   Rap is much more free form however.  Limericks are big in our family.  We have a shelf of books.  Some of the limericks would make you blush!   So here you go! 

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Red velvet ice cream

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From Ice Cream Magazine!

Doesn’t  this look wonderful?  When we were kids, my mom would make us a red velvet cake for special occasions.  A real Red Velvet cake is made with cocoa and buttermilk and butter. It is very tender and moist.  And to me, it tasted like a red devil’s food cake.  The only other cake that my made that was better was her Million Dollar cake!


I saw this post and thought what a great idea.  A southern Ben & Jerry’s type of recipe.  The recipe does call for Mascarpone cheese.  It’s Italian cheese or thickened cream really.  You can get it at any supermarket.  Red velvet cake?  I am not so sure, but it’s worth a try to look!

Source: Red velvet ice cream




Valentine’s Day Ideas and Thoughts on Commercialism

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From How To $tuff Your Pig!

Reading this post got me thinking about how Jim and I have spent Valentine’s Day together.  The worst one was before we got married.  Was the time that he had to be in Detroit for business.  Didn’t get to see him at all that Valentine’s Day.  The best Valentine’s Days have always been the ones where we just did something simple.  Like prepare a meal together.


This year we will be biking all day on Sunday.  Then come home to cook something together.  Two of our favorite things to do.   What are you planning?  Click the link to get some ideas!



Source: Valentine’s Day Ideas and Thoughts on Commercialism




Meatless Monday Funny!

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Hugs to my beautiful sister-in-law Loretta who sent this to me!



More ideas for Superbowl Sunday!

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Superbowl Party Invite

True to being Irish, I am a potato nut.  I love potatoes is almost every form.  That is except for badly prepared mashed potatoes.  Did you know that some people actually make them where they are stringy and act like elastic bands?  Ugh.  Well this recipe for Smoked potatoes looks wonderful.  They use a smoker, but I bet you can get the same effect using a little liquid smoke and grilling them over hot charcoal!

By Chef Adam Cole of Maple Block Meat Co.

Smoked Potatoes
Serves 4 people

2 pounds small potatoes—German Butterballs, fingerlings, or mixed Pee Wees
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
2 tablespoons kosher salt
3 tablespoons barbecue dry rub (optional)
Preferred sauce (It’s pretty difficult to find a sauce that doesn’t work well with smoked, salty potatoes)

Get your smoker up to temp—shoot for a temperature between 225-250ºF.

Wash potatoes well in cold water to remove dirt. Do not peel.

Dry potatoes completely using paper towels. They are a lot more absorbent than a cotton kitchen towel.

Coat potatoes with a thin layer of vegetable oil. Get your hands in there and mix it around. It is important to coat them evenly.  

In a large mixing bowl, dust potatoes with an even layer of kosher salt or your favorite BBQ rub (I prefer something on the less sweet side for this particular recipe). If you use rub, you do not need as much salt. Roll the potatoes around gently in the bowl and continue to add seasoning gradually and in small amounts, to your desired salt intake needs.  

Transfer potatoes onto a sheet tray in one flat layer. Avoid overcrowding the pan so the potatoes cook evenly.

Smoke potatoes. Time will vary here depending on the size of potato. Check them after 1 hour, then check for doneness every 20 minutes.  

To check the doneness, pinch a potato with your finger. If it’s soft and collapses easily, they are done. If you need to, finish in a conventional oven at 350ºF, just check on them often.

Serve with the sauce of your choice. At Maple Block Meat Co, we serve them with whipped crème fraiche, espelette pepper powder, and shaved chives. They are just as delicious dipped in ketchup, queso, or Alabama white.

Here is the source of this recipe.

And from Cookie and Kate some more ideas for your Superbowl!  I love the recipe for grapefruit margaritas.  Especially, since I have all kinds of grapefruit in my backyard!