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Sloppy Joes — Bubs’ Kitchen

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From Bub’s Kitchen!

I was web surfing yesterday(yes on New Years Day) and came across something old.  Sloppy Joes!  I use to love them when I was a kid.  When I made them.  My mom’s sloppy Joes were definitely different.  This recipe is reminiscent of how I made them.  I think that you will love this recipe!

Thanks Bub!


Let me start by saying… these ain’t your mama’s manwiches and you’ll never use jarred, canned, or packaged sloppy joe mix again. These are hearty, rich, and full of flavor. Since my husband and I became pescetarians I haven’t even thought about making sloppy joes, but when I saw Beyond Meat crumbles in the grocery […]

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Recipe: Pesto Fillets

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From Molly The Blogger!

Quorn is the best vegetarian product to replicate chicken or veal.  I have used it to make a wonderful piccatta dish.  Pot pie.  I have had friends eat these dishes without knowing that this was Quorn.  They could tell the difference.  The texture is perfect.  And the cutlet will pick up the flavors of other ingredients!

I saw this recipe and the word fillet in the title.  I thought it was for a fish type dish.  We call the Quorn cutlets where I am from.  Fish are fillets.

This looks super simple.  The ingredients are a perfect combination.  A must try!





I’ve had this recipe tucked away for a while now and I feel the world deserves to know about! I’m a vegetarian, and I picked this up from the Quorn cook book, so now I’m going to …

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Cranberry Nut Muffins Recipe

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About a year ago, I was in this muffin craze.  I was trying all kinds of muffin recipes.  Apple, banana, blueberry.  I even came up with some recipes for muffins that were low fat and low sugar for some of my friends who have diabetes.

I love them all.  They are fast and easy to make.  You can use bananas and apples or anything that is past their best used by date.  They are a winner for everyone!

This cranberry nut is one of my favorites!





Here is a new muffin recipe for you.  I have another cranberry nut muffin recipe, but had wanted to find one that has less sugar.  I found out that some of my friends have to watch that.  I found t…

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Cheesy Mushrooms on Toast — Happy Healthy Tash

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From Happy Healthy Tash!

Is this a great looking sandwich?  I love mushrooms so much that I came up with what I call a veggie melt.  It is something that I make when I have mushrooms that are past their best used by date.  This is pretty similar.





Cheese = good, mushrooms = good… cheesy mushrooms = goooood!😉 This is a simple way of cooking a tasty mushroom dish for a quick bite to eat… perfect for all you busy peeps! So simple it’s not really a recipe but it’s tasty so I’m sharing! Ingredients Slice wholemeal toast Mushrooms – 1 cup Philadelphia […]

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Fire Roasted Salsa — I WANT TO COOK THAT

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From I Want To Cook That!

The first time that I ever ate fire roasted tomatoes was at a international food fair.  It was a bruschetta.   I thought that I had died and gone to heaven.  The intensity of the tomatoes with a smoky undertone.  I loved it.  I loved it even more when I found out that these were canned tomatoes.  I could use them anytime of the year.

Here is a great salsa recipe to make.





You can make this salsa anytime! It is a simple salsa made with canned fire roasted tomatoes and a few other ingredients. Get out the food processor and in a few minutes you are done! You will need: 1/2 -1 fresh jalapeno pepper (ha- la payn-yo! pepper) 1/4 -1/2 white onion 2 garlic cloves a […]

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Lemon Raspberry Muffins

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I am going over to a friends how for Sunday breakfast and I always bring something. The problem is that I was too lazy to go shopping yesterday. So what do you do? Especially if you want to have enough for six kids?

I go into my freezer where I always have some kind of frozen fruit. Today it was raspberries. So I made 2 dozen raspberry lemon muffins and we are good to go!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Marcey's Table

Lemon Raspberry Muffins

I started posting muffin recipes on a few weeks back on Saturdays, because I wanted to give people an easy & fast meal for Sunday breakfast/brunch.  Family meals are really important.  These days it is difficult enough to find time together.   We have crazy schedules and a lot of demands on our time.  Sunday might be the perfect day to correct that .  And breakfast or brunch is great, because you can catch family before they get out! 

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Cream Cheese Wontons — Heather Allen

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When the craving strikes, it’s time to act! Ingredients for this are pretty simple, as are my tastes. I didn’t bother to make a dipping sauce, but there are plenty of websites who can provide instructions for that as well. I followed this recipe I found on Pinterest. Ingredients: Wonton wraps, found in most […]

These look so wonderful.  Fast and easy.  Vegetarian.  Pretty to look at.  I liked that they are baked.  Much healthier than deep fried.  This recipe is a great starting point for other ideas.  Like a medley of grated carrots, bean sprouts, and onions.


Thank you Heather Allen.




Marcey Casey


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