Vancouver Food Trucks Roundup#1 — veggiezest

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From Veggie Zest!

Living in cow country(Texas), I am so jealous.  We are starting to see cities with food trucks around the state.  However, vegetarian?  I think we are going to have a little bit of a wait for those.

At least restaurants are much more vegetarian friendly these days.  When we moved here we were lucky to get a Cesar’s salad without the meat.  I would ask for a vegetarian entree for dinners and receptions and get boiled vegetables.  Yuck!

I was at a banquet recently, where my main entree was a delicious tofu dish.  Times are a changin’!




SO here is a post about all the food trucks you see lingering around the streets of Vancouver. This is the first roundup of some of the trucks – I have listed four of them with vegetarian options. Over a period of time I am going to do more posts with food trucks. Hope you […]

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Scrumptious all-in-one wrap — Nyum nyum Food

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Serves 4-6 Want to prepare a gourmet meal to satisfy your taste buds, but keep it simple? This recipe ticks all three boxes: easy, satisfying and filling! Ingredients: Ingredients may vary depending on your preferences and availability Wholewheat wraps Plain Feta Butternut Onion Cherry Tomatoes Cucumber Basil Leaves Rocket Leaves Kidney Beans Balsamic Vinegar Olive […]

From Nyum nyum Food!

I think that wraps are one of the greatest inventions in recent food history!  Just slap something on them and roll them up.  I love the chewiness of the wraps compared to bread you get in the store.

And this looks absolutely fabulous.  And I know that salty creaminess of the Feta will blend so well with the sweet butternut squash.  What more can you ask?




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Some Valentine Limericks!

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I hope you all have had a great Valentine’s Day.  That you spent today with someone special.  It could be your husband.  Parents.  Or that special friend that you have known forever.  Who is there for you no matter what.

allthewayJim and I celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday by going to the play “All The Way!”  You have got to go and see it if it comes near you.  It’s about President Lyndon Johnson.  What was so great about it was how it was staged.

Afterwards we went to dinner at Baba Yegas in the Montrose area in Houston.  A wonderful restaurant!  One of the most vegetarian/vegan baba yega frontfriendly restaurants I have been to.  I always find something ON the menu that I can eat.  Last night it was roasted artichokes.  I will be posting on that later.


For today, I want to wrap up Valentine’s Day with some limericks.  I am not much with poetry.  I like the extremely romantic poems.  Then I like limericks.  Limericks are funny.  I like that things actually rhyme.  Limericks are recent inventions in the scheme of things.  It came  from social gatherings where a group sang “Will you come up to Limerick?” after each set of limericks spoken and then the members of the party had to make up their own limericks.

Jim likens limericks to the Japanese Haiku.  Or if you want to compare it to our present day,   rap.   Rap is much more free form however.  Limericks are big in our family.  We have a shelf of books.  Some of the limericks would make you blush!   So here you go! 

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Red velvet ice cream

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From Ice Cream Magazine!

Doesn’t  this look wonderful?  When we were kids, my mom would make us a red velvet cake for special occasions.  A real Red Velvet cake is made with cocoa and buttermilk and butter. It is very tender and moist.  And to me, it tasted like a red devil’s food cake.  The only other cake that my made that was better was her Million Dollar cake!


I saw this post and thought what a great idea.  A southern Ben & Jerry’s type of recipe.  The recipe does call for Mascarpone cheese.  It’s Italian cheese or thickened cream really.  You can get it at any supermarket.  Red velvet cake?  I am not so sure, but it’s worth a try to look!

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Valentine Mosaic Jello

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From Once Upon A Spice!


I love this recipe!  It reminds me of “wigglers” which my son and I would make when he was little.  The jello is so concentrated that you can easily pick it up with your hands and it doesn’t melt.  We had little molds that we would pour the mixture in.  Different molds for different seasons and holidays.  I think this recipe would be wonderful to make with your child for Valentine’s Day.


Thanks to Lana for the idea!


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An Irish Love Poem For Valentine’s Day

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From John Boyle O’Reilly


THE red rose whispers of passion,
And the white rose breathes of love;
O, the red rose is a falcon,
And the white rose is a dove.

But I send you a cream-white rosebud
With a flush on its petal tips;
For the love that is purest and sweetest

Has a kiss of desire on the lips



Some Ancient Celtic Christmas Traditions

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