July 4th

My Week In The Blogosphere! Happy Fourth of July

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Happy Birthday America!

I hope you all have enjoyed this July 4th weekend.  That you got to a parade.  If it’s still early, that you see some good fireworks tonight!  We are lucky enough to have celebrated with friends.  I often think about people who are not so lucky and try to share a holiday with them.  It certainly makes our day better.    I want to thank all the people who have fought and served to make this country great.  And American is indeed great.  I have been many places through out the world, and am always happy to come home.   Keep Reading

Sweet July 4th Treats And Drinks!

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I was looking for some July 4th ideas that were different and cute.  I found a new blog called curious enlightenment.   I love what she has posted so far.  I have linked to her July 4th offerings.  Here is her ‘Sweet Treats’ offerings.  I put a couple for a teaser. 




From curiousenlightenment!


One of America’s greatest days to celebrate is fast approaching. Next Saturday, July 4, 2015, the good ole’ US of A celebrates 239 years of Independence from Great Britain. Despite the many negative events, emotions, and actions taking place within our country, the 4th of July is a day of celebration for ALL Americans.

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Happy July 4th From The Caseys!

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Happy Independence Day!

I remember when the movie 1776 came out.  It was in 1972 a few years before our bicentennial in 1976.  Such a stirring  story.  You learn about the American Revolution in school.  That is pretty dry material.  The movie brought it to life.  Here is my favorite clip from the movie.

The Vote

This brought home the cost that the signers must have paid.  What they did was pretty risky.  They put their lives on the line to fight for American independence.  I wonder how many people today would have that courage.  I did research what happened to them.  A couple of excerpts:

Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died.


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Texas-Style Barbecue Sauce ~~~Spicy and Not Too Sweet!

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Texas Style BBQ SauceKnowing that there will be a lot of people BBQing for the 4th of July weekend, I thought this would be a great recipe to post about.


Believe it or not, the town we originally come from, Chicago is a big BBQ town. People just love spareribs and chicken there. I am not sure why, though it could have something to do with it having been the heart of the meat packing industry well into the last century. All I know is that every neighborhood their own special BBQ joint. The restaurant reflecting the taste of the the ethnic group that live in the neighborhood. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Unsung Heroines of The American Revolution

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Molly Pitcher
Molly Pitcher firing cannon at Battle of Monmouth by Percy Moran. Image date: ca. 1911. Note: Scene commemorates the heroic action of a woman who took her husband’s place in the artillery line after he was incapacitated. It is not clear whether the woman known as Molly Pitcher was based on Mary Ludwig Hayes, who was praised for her courage at Monmouth, or Margaret Corbin, who similarly fought at the Battle of Fort Washington.

I am getting ready to celebrate July 4th this weekend.  Planning the menu(I will be posting on that).  Seeing what parades are where.  Looking for a fireworks program.  I started thinking about the holiday its self.  Especially the individuals who were involved in freeing to our country for the ties we had with England.   Reading, I saw a lot written about men, but had to dig down to find our American heroines.  There are a number of women who have contributed, that you would not normally hear about.  Two of them are Phillis Wheatley and Sybil Ludington.  Both amazing women in their own way.

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