Let Peace Begin With You

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We all have them in our family.  People who can’t live without drama.  Don’t let them pull you into their frenzy.  Step back and take a deep breath.  You will bring them with you and make their life a little less crazy along with your own!






The Power of Meditation

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From Prescription on aging!


Everyone loves the holiday season!  It’s time of hope.  Shining lights, decorations, music, and lots of things to do with our friends and family.  People seem to have a bounce in their step.  We are all a lot nicer to one another.


The problem is that we are bustling and hurrying around almost nonstop!  I think that this can cause us to lose a bit of the joy and fun we could be having.  A lot of us get ‘monkey brain’.


If you feel the need to center yourself, bring yourself to this present moment, meditation is for you.  I started doing this almost a year ago.  I am more calm.  I think a little easier.  Here is a great article for you to get some ideas on meditation.  What it can do for you and how to get started!


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