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15 Money-Saving Ways to Outsmart Your Supermarket From Time Magazine!

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I always go crazy the week after Christmas, trying to figure out what I spent.  You can always set a budget, but things come up that you don’t expect.  I get a lot of phones for donations this time of year.  It’s really hard to say no.  However, I never seem to spend quite as much money as I think I do. 


Never the less, I go on a search on how to save money.  The easiest way is to cut your food costs.  I found an older article from Time magazine.  It has some great ideas that you can use anytime of the year!


Did you know listening to upbeat music while you grocery shop may help you spend less? Or that “10 for $10” promotions can sometimes cost you more? Reader’s Digest talked to supermarket employees, industry experts and grocery shopping gurus to put together an exhaustive list of the strategies supermarkets use to get shoppers to buy more, as well as some insider advice for shopping smarter. We went through the list and pulled out the 15 best tips for saving money at the grocery store.

Check them out!


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My Week In The Blogosphere!

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frugalityIt seems that every week in the blogosphere I stumble onto a different topic.   Find new friends.  Have cool things happen to me!  I love it! The topic of the week was saving money.  Keep Reading!