Apple-Pear-Cranberry Pie and Being a Food Blogger at Thanksgiving

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From More Time At The Table!


This is the BEST Thanksgiving post I have read so far!  I love her thoughts on blogging on Thanksgiving dinner.  Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday.  One where you can be with friends and family.  Count your blessing.  The question is “what do you write about that is fresh and new?”  All I know is that I love the day.  The reason for the day.


Alyce is very pithy and wise.  There are a few of the things She learned about Thanksgiving in her 40-some odd years cooking it.  Ideas to make the most of the holiday!   I absolutely love #1!


You also need to turn off the computers.  You are here to be with family and friends  And there to liste to music.  She gives her favorites.  Personally, I have to listen to The Nutcracker.  It isn’t Thanksgiving with out it.  It’s what people from Chicago do!  What can I say? 


And Alyce tops it off with a serving of Apple Pear Cranberry Pie.  Go and read the post!


Apple-Pear-Cranberry Pie and Being a Food Blogger at Thanksgiving