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Hot & HumidThis week has been one of the hottest that I can remember.  I live on Galveston Island and normally, we are in the upper 80s.  This past week, it’s been in the mid 90s.  And this without our normal Gulf Breeze.  Well all we can do is keep hydrated.

Thank the Lord for air conditioning.

It could be worse.  It’s been getting up over 100 in Houston  Here is an article on how to beat the heat!  Hope it helps!

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My Week In The Blogosphere! Happy Fourth of July

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Happy Birthday America!

I hope you all have enjoyed this July 4th weekend.  That you got to a parade.  If it’s still early, that you see some good fireworks tonight!  We are lucky enough to have celebrated with friends.  I often think about people who are not so lucky and try to share a holiday with them.  It certainly makes our day better.    I want to thank all the people who have fought and served to make this country great.  And American is indeed great.  I have been many places through out the world, and am always happy to come home.   Keep Reading