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My Week in the Blogosphere!

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Sorry that I am getting this out late.  Yesterday was crazy.  I was out all day.  Some friends and I were out in a small town in Brazoria County, Texas.  We were driving by the community airport there.  All of a sudden, people started dropping out the air.  Don’t worry.  They had parachutes on!  

We ended up spending part of our afternoon watching them.  The airplane would fly by and then the parachutists would be coming out of the plane.  One at a time.  At times, you would see 7 to 8 parachutes in the air.  Bright colors of red, blue, yellow, purple, etc.  Some would be spinning around.  One person flipped upside down.  We held our breath on that one.  The eventually righted themselves and made a perfect landing.  It was a wonderful experience.  

Have you ever parachuted?
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My Week In The Blogosphere!

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From Midwestern Flowers
From Midwestern Flowers

I had a really incredible week in the blogosphere.  I started my blog “Marcey’s Table” the beginning of May.  I did it, because I wanted to do something new and different.  I wanted a way to express my creativity.  Almost immediately, I got stumped.  I didn’t know what to do or write.  I ended up doing nothing over the next couple of weeks.

The beginning of the week I thought “Rats!  I want to do something.  Anything!”  Well, I decided that it couldn’t hurt to at least read other peoples blogs.  What I found was a cornucopia of treasures.  A world I had no idea existed.  A world of colors and cleverly used words.  Pictures.  Photos of far away places.  And I admit it.  I’m a foodie.  I saw dishes that looked so scrumptious, that I would have ate them right then and there if I could have.

I ended up reaching out to people.  Reading their blogs.  Commenting on them.  Just having a lot of fun!  Hopefully I am making some new friends along the way.  Here are some of the blog posts that I have enjoyed this week.

I loved the colors.  They just popped out at me.  And this drink looks wonderful.  It is so appropriate seeing how I live on an Island paradise.  You better believe that I will be making this this summer!

I stumbled on to Dear Kitty.  Some Blog when I was looking for comments on women’s issue.  Petrel41’a post on women being forced to wear high heels if they want to participate in the Cannes Film Festival.  It got my blood boiling.  I just had to do a post on it.  There went the writer’s bloc!  The blog is much more than women’s issues.  One aspect that I like is all the posts on birds.

I am a midwesterner living in Texas and fell in love with Midwestern Plants.  It’s a little bit of home that I have been missing.

And finally, Traveling the World Solo was the first blog I joined.  I love to travel.  I haven’t gotten to all the places I want to go.  Even if I never get to go to all the places I want to go to, because of the beautiful photography, I will have SEEN them!

I hope you all enjoy my week in the blogosphere!