Some Turkey Facts For You

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So what do you really know about Turkeys?  Well here is the scoop on them!

Minnesota & North Carolina raises or produces the most tukeys in the US.

Ben Franklin, in a letter to his daughter, proposed the turkey as the official United States bird.

97% or Americans surveyed by the National Turkey Federation eat turkey at Thanksgiving.

Turkey consumption has increased 108% since 1970.

The heaviest turkey ever raised was 86 pounds, about the size of a large dog.
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Happy Thanksgiving To The Blog World

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A Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

From The Casey Family!


I want to share one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions.  Watching The WKRP Video Clip “Turkey Drop”.  One of the funniest scenes I have ever seen.  I can’t stop laughing!



And here memories of Irish Thanksgivings!


A Bronx Irish Thanksgiving in days gone by

It is right after World War II. Boundless optimism sweeps across America – the undisputed leader of the world. Our family attends the 9 o’clock Mass at Sacred Heart Church in the Highbridge section of the Bronx.

It is Thanksgiving morning.

“I’m telling you,” my mother declares when we return home, “When your father sailed to New York from County Sligo in 1928 at age 22, and I landed here from Leitrim a year before him at age 16 all by myself, we had no idea about Pilgrims or Indians, turkeys or chestnuts.” Mom bends down smudging charcoal on my face and on my older brother Johnny’s cheeks. “Here,” she says, “this will make you look like ragamuffins. Put on these old patched pants and Daddy’s old fedora. Push up the rim, bend it sideways like a vagabond.” She stands back, surveying us, making sure we look like street urchins. “Off you go now and be back before the company arrives.”




3 Great Thanksgiving Drinks For The Family!

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mulled cider


Tis’ the season for Cider!  Apple cider is pretty popular around Thanksgiving time.  Growing up we would pick apples in the apple orchards right by town.


They would always have freshly pressed cider for sale.  Some of that cider would end up on our Thanksgiving table.  It was so much better than what we get in the store today.  The flavor was more intense and sweeter.  Oh!  It was always regular cider.  It took me years to figure out what hard cider really was.  I thought it was from apples that were too hard to eat.  LOL!


With all these drinks you have the choice up using alcohol or not.  If you want your kids to be able to drink these concoctions, substitute ginger ale or sparkling grape juice for the alcohol.  And use regular cider instead of hard cider.


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A Thanksgiving Story!

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Lifting Others 


I love Thanksgiving.  What other holiday can you celebrate everything your have?  Where it’s not just you, but hopefully everyone around you.  It’s a time that we can be grateful for our friends and family.  Hopefully, they feel the same way. 


And I don’t know about you, but I really get into the whole feel of it.  I look for everything around me that is wonderful.  Listen to lilting and upbeat music.  And reread inspirational stories from the past.  Here is one about a blind beggar boy who learned that a change of perspective can bring about wonderful rewards.  Maybe this is something we should consider in our own lives?

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Apple-Pear-Cranberry Pie and Being a Food Blogger at Thanksgiving

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From More Time At The Table!


This is the BEST Thanksgiving post I have read so far!  I love her thoughts on blogging on Thanksgiving dinner.  Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday.  One where you can be with friends and family.  Count your blessing.  The question is “what do you write about that is fresh and new?”  All I know is that I love the day.  The reason for the day.


Alyce is very pithy and wise.  There are a few of the things She learned about Thanksgiving in her 40-some odd years cooking it.  Ideas to make the most of the holiday!   I absolutely love #1!


You also need to turn off the computers.  You are here to be with family and friends  And there to liste to music.  She gives her favorites.  Personally, I have to listen to The Nutcracker.  It isn’t Thanksgiving with out it.  It’s what people from Chicago do!  What can I say? 


And Alyce tops it off with a serving of Apple Pear Cranberry Pie.  Go and read the post!


Apple-Pear-Cranberry Pie and Being a Food Blogger at Thanksgiving




Thanksgiving Stuffed Squash

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From Avocados & Ales!


I saw this dish and started drooling!  I have to say that I am with Avocados & Ales.  Forget the main dishes!  Give me the sides!  Even when I was a kid, I liked the sweet potatoes, dressing, cranberry sauce, and gravy so much better than the turkey.  I guess I was a budding vegetarian even back them.  LOL!


This dish is almost perfect.  The only thing missing is the side of cranberries!

Thanksgiving Stuffed Squash




Apple Cider Glazed Tofurky Roast

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These days, vegetarian is going mainstream!  A growing number of vegetarians in the US who are cutting meat from their diets, or at least cutting back.   As many as 10% of adults consider themselves vegetarians, even though they may eat fish or chicken occasionally. March is National Meat Out month.  Even Martha Stewart is getting into the act! She devotes full columns to vegetarian recipes and never forgets us for holiday meals.  Today’s vegetarian cooking isn’t the dull bland fare of years past.   Modern vegetarian cuisine draws from many traditions: Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Caribbean, and others.  Plant-based foods are natural, healthy, organic and actually taste good.

Thanksgiving is traditionally centered around a turkey, but there’s no need for vegetarians to be left out of the feast. And it’s likely that you will have a vegetarian or two show up at your door next Thursday.  Here is a delicious and satisfying meatless entree, that my meat-loving family and friends rave over.  And yes!  It’s okay to have that turkey for your meat loving guests.   This is a celebration for everyone!


Here is The Apple Cider Glazed Tofurky Roast

This delicious recipe is a lovely centerpiece for any holiday table – and the bonus is that you make it in one pan!

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5 Fast & Easy Thanksgiving Desserts!

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Jim and I come from families where we always had big Thanksgiving dinners.  My family might have about 20 people.  Jim’s mom and dad could have upwards of 40 people at their house.  It seemed like the whole neighborhood would show up there.

Most of the people that came bring something.  A salad, a vegetable, or maybe a dessert.  That is a BIG help!  There is a problem sometimes.  You might have people who bring all kinds of vegetables.  Or rolls.  Then nobody brings a dessert.  I had this happen recently when I went to a potluck.  We had all kinds of food.  No desserts!  I have learned to cook one dish of everything when things are at may house.


I rounded up 5 fast & easy desserts for you.  Everything from fruit, vegan, chocolate, something Better Than Robert Redford.  Check them out! Read the rest of this entry »

Miso Sweet Potatoes on the Side

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From The Tasteful Muse!


I posted this in September.  It was warmer weather then, but I think this would make a different side for Thanksgiving!  It’s a wonderful combination of roasted sweet potatoes, purple onion, and miso.   Not overly sweet.  And you get a pop of saltiness from the miso.  We really liked it.  Hope you do too!


Miso Sweet Potatoes on the Side




sweet potato loaf cake with marshmallow glaze

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From Beauty Blog To Go!  


Visit link for recipe.


I saw this recipe and thought how yummy looking it is.  Then I thought, I haven’t really posted very many sweet potato recipes.  Shame on me.  Sweet potatoes are as much part of Thanksgiving as Turkey and pumpkin is.


So here is my start of catching up with sweet potato posts!


sweet potato loaf cake with marshmallow glaze





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